My name is Ashley and I’m a proud wife and mother of two wonderful children. I began my journey as a mother while I was young and still figuring things out as a young woman. My son (Henry, 7 years old) taught me so much about myself and life. My husband and I decided to wait until our lives were more stable before building a larger family. I had so much fun dedicating all my attention to Henry and experiencing all milestones that come with being a mommy. By the time I felt like I had all my ducks in a row, life threw me some challenges. I had a series of bad annual exams, which led to doctors telling me my chances of having children again were slim. I was devastated so I got a tattoo that year (which I now HATE), drank way more wine than one person should ever drink, put on some weight and chopped off my hair. I was convinced I could distract myself from the fact that after several years of trying to conceive I was still not pregnant. Thankfully, a wonderful group of infertility specialists guided my husband and me through our options and we welcomed our little Charlie girl last summer.

Now, I am experiencing life as a mommy of two! It’s certainly challenging, but I love a challenge. There are days I feel like I should be doing more or should have done something differently, but I’m learning to not be so hard on myself…..slowly.