Father’s Day Has Come & Gone

My Saturday started early as I had to pick my sister up from the Quad Cities Airport. I had an hour to mentally map out how the kids and I would execute our crafty projects for dad. On the agenda were the following:

  • “We Love Daddy” photo
  • Painted catch-all tray
  • Kabobs on the Grill cupcakes

After dropping my sister at home, I took the opportunity to hit up the grocery store while I was still kid-free! We had some quick sandwiches before Kelly decided to run to his shop and get the golf clubs ready for the morning. As soon as Kelly walked out the door, Henry and I got to work on our catch-all trays. Quite a few weeks earlier, I found some porcelain trays on an end aisle at Target. I was just sure I could/would find something to do with them. Sure enough I did! We tried to accomplish a watercolor look that I discovered on The Crafted Life blog. We did not succeed, BUT we will try again.

Charlie woke up from her nap as Henry and I were cleaning up our mess so I had the kids change quick into something nice and we headed outside. I tore the flap off an Amazon box sitting in the garage and asked Henry to write “we love daddy”. He did a great job and and I captured a handful of beautiful photos before Charlie got bored!

Later Saturday evening we gave the catch-all trays another try and printed out the photos we took early in the day. This time, we decided to use vinyl instead of paint. Henry designed his layout, I printed his design with my Cricut Explore One and he finished it off with a coat of Modge Podge. Our craft projects were complete and all laid out for daddy to find in the morning!

Sunday morning Charlie and I work up early (not my choice) and got coffee at Starbucks for daddy and Henry before they left to golf. While the boys were golfing, Charlie and I got our bake on! I went ahead and colored the frosting, piped it on and had the cupcakes ready to decorate for Henry. Once Henry was home, I had him help me with the grill and kabob parts of the cupcakes. Finally, finished and we all got to enjoy!

We finished our day off enjoying the sun with our cousins and grilling some burgers for dinner.

Father’s Day 2016 was a success!


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